Club Program

Club Program

Our G1-12 club program offers our students a dynamic and diverse selection of clubs, workshops, and sports to create an afterschool program based on the interest, needs, and creative talents of our students.  Moreover, our club program allows students to explore areas of their own personal interest, be it dance, music, language courses, science, team sports, or any of the other diverse offerings for every age group. By striking the best balance between life beyond the classroom, our students can explore their talents and passion with their peers.

After School Club Overview

Each year, students can choose from over 770 spots in more than 75 different courses during the school year, ranging from science and technology, to languages, sports, and the arts. These courses area led by external trainers and teachers.

Our Primary School students enjoy clubs designed around their direct interests and are offered by our partner institutions, providing our students with a wide variety of clubs and an extensive program quality these institutions offer. 

Our students can choose from 5 theme-based clubs: Sports, Martial Arts, Art, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as well as Languages.

Our students can select sports clubs like Yoga, CrossFit, Cheerleading, Soccer, Parkour, Chess, Coperia, Fencing, Skateboarding, Basketball, or Wu Zen Boxing. Those students who enjoy art can choose from Handicrafts, Hip Hop, Theater, Arts, Ballet, Photography, or Cartooning. Our young scientists or engineers can select programming courses in collaboration with Haba Digtal Workshop and science-oriented selections such as Science Lab, Arduir, LEGO, Education Spike, Minecraft Club, or Creative Coding. Our language offers include Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, and French.

Our afterschool program offers our students the opportunity to work with student-led initiatives across Primary and Secondary. After our Model UN Team was successful implemented in Secondary school, a junior Model UN Club was formed in the Primary school, led by our Model UN Team.

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