Projects & Activities

Projects & Activities

Our students in the Early Learning Center enjoy an exciting and dynamic program of projects and activities. As part of the Primary Year Programme (PYP), our students learn through purposeful inquiry, just as our students in BMS Primary.

Our students in the ages of 3-5 explore the following units:

  • Organising our spaces enhances learning.
  • The inspiration to create comes from materials and objects around us.
  • The relationships we have with others help us grow.
  • Minibeasts are essential to our life on earth.
  • Our unique characteristics form part of our identity
  • Exploration leads to new discoveries
  • Play is learning, is creativity, is expression
  • Transportation systems enable people and communities to connect

Our students in the ages of 5-6 age explore the following units:

  • Self-confidence in our abilities comes from opportunities to move beyond our comfort zone.
  • Inquiry journeys shape our thinking and actions.
  • We can express our ideas and feelings through art forms and symbolism.
  • Light travels and interacts with objects, materials, and living thing.
  • In school, at home and in the community, there are opportunities to contribute through meaningful roles.

Throughout the course of studying these units, we try to empower our youngest learners to view things from the perspective of a researcher and discoverer. They go on a journey of internal discovery over a period of six to eight weeks in order to see the world through a different lens, ask questions, and try to find answers.

These projects also occur with excursions and trips into the forest, to the local zoo, to art galleries and museums, or visits by experts such as artists, scientists, or students from the Primary or Secondary School. In doing so, we offer our students diverse and inspiring opportunities to make discoveries through various channels of inspiration.

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