Academics – Inspiring Excellence

Early Learning Center

The years between three and six are an important time in childhood development and we use this opportunity...

Primary School

Primary school in Grades 1-6 lays the foundation for a successful education...

Secondary School

BMS Secondary School aims to be a center of academic excellence, offering our students the best national and international curriculum programs...

After School Program

The After School Program provides students with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom...

Timeline of Learning: K-12 Curriculum

A cohesive and articulated program of learning is central to equipping our K-12 students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become confident learners.

BMS School Profile

The Berlin Metropolitan School is an all-day school, allowing students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 to complete a modern and values-based education, culminating into an internationally recognized diploma. Discover more about our school program here.

Virtual Open House

We look forward to welcoming interested families and guests throughout the year at a series of Virtual Open House sessions.