BMS Clothing Line

BMS Clothing

Berlin Metropolitan School takes pride in school spirit and in displaying our pride for our community in all that we do. In support of this, we do not have a school uniform and instead offer our school community the ability to purchase both House and BMS apparel.

Using our online shop portal, students and parents can purchase BMS t-shirts and hoodies as well as specific House apparel. With the introduction of our online shop, families can now order specific sizes, colors and designs based on their individual needs.

Our school-wide house system is at the forefront of what it means to be a member of BMS and our House T-Shirts help students to identify with their fellow house members. Our House apparel is worn throughout the year for events, competitions, and assemblies.

Students take pride in showing their House colors and supporting their fellow members. Our BMS apparel allows community members to show pride in their school both on and off campus. Visit our online shop by clicking on the link in the sidebar.